HSLM Annual Meeting Minutes, June 15, 2018

Notetaker: Shanda Hunt, Secretary

  1. Introductions

a.  Individual introductions and mini-updates

b.   Sign-in Sheet

2.  Review Annual Meeting minutes from June 2, 2017

a.  Approved

3.  Board Reports

a.  Treasurer & Member Report (Nicole Theis-Mahon)

i.  Membership relatively steady

ii.  Current report will decrease by $600-$800 after annual meeting costs factored in – updated report as of June 15, 2018, 2:13pm here

b.  Programming Committee Report (Krista Jacobson)

i.  Future webinars – we can provide up to 25 folks with CE credit

ii.  Contact Krista if you have a webinar you would like to view for CE credit

c.  GMR Update (Connie Bongiorno)

i.  Toured MN to talk to physicians about potential grants – promoting librarians as collaborators and encouraging them to write librarians into grants

d.  Midwest Chapter Update (Andrew Crow)

i.  Annual meeting will be held in Cleveland – keynote speakers

1. Patricia Flatley Brennan

2. Catherine Hakala-Ausperk

ii.  Chapter has recovered financially and is active in fundraising

4.  Library and Member Update and Announcements

a.  Krista – Northwestern

i.  Changing institutional repository – vendor is Islandora from Mankato

ii.  Potentially getting new furniture to improve acoustics

b.  Matt – Mayo

i. Several new librarians in the last few years

ii.  Completed 2-year strategic plan (marketing, outreach, space)

iii.  Green Glass – collection assessment tool

iv.  Plummer Library – major renovation – 5-year plan

1. Expand History of Medicine Library

2. Library Ambassadors Project

v.  Hosting Native Voices exhibit until July 5th

vi.  Focusing on systematic review training for staff

vii.  CEO search for broader Mayo

c. Lisa – UMN

i. Health Sciences Education Center opening in 2020 – library will move there – only 6% of collections will be on site

ii.  Received a research data award from GMR

1. Data management workshop for librarians on August 6th

a. Contact Lisa to apply – travel stipends available

2. Travel to Duluth to host a data management boot camp

iii.  Wangensteen Library

1. Current exhibit “Underwater”

2. New exhibit in September about creation of books

iv.  Moving to LibGuides and campus moving from Moodle to Canvas

v.  Hiring another Medical School Liaison

vi.  Minnesota Electronic Health Library (MeHL) still on hold

1.Still collecting data to support MeHL – conducted survey with MN physicians

d.  Mary – Regions

1. Traveling exhibit on domestic violence as a health issue

2.  Panel discussion – SAIN nurse, mental health nurse, social worker, Cornerstone staff – August 22

3.  Exhibit will run July 30 – mid-September

5.  New Business/Old Business

a.  New GMR Resource Library Representative, Anna Beth Morgan from Mayo.

b.  New. -Trying to get the address of the listserve changed, it is currently: GMR-HSLM@LIST.UIOWA.EDU , trying to get the “GMR-” off to just HSLM@list…

i. When GMR moved to IA, IA ITS set up the listservs

ii. HSLM president look into changing this

6.  Scholarship available for the 2018 Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries & Museums conference, October 8-11 at Mystic Lake Center http://www.atalm.org/node/393


7.  MLA Conference. Members who attended MLA this year in Atlanta were asked if they wanted to share anything.

a.  New model for Communities (Sections and SIGs) in MLA

i.  Setting up Domains of Practice – similar to competencies released by MLA last year

ii.  Current sections or SIGs become Affinity groups and can align with Domains of Practice

iii. Lots of open discussions at MLA around this group restructure

iv.  Structure will change within next 2 years

v.  See MLA documentation here


8.  Election results/Passing of the gavel

a.  Chair – Connie Bongiorno

b.  Chair Elect – Liz Weinfurter

c.  GMR Rep – Jim Bulger

d.  Treasurer – Susan Schleper

e.  Secretary – Pam Barnard

9.  What can HSLM do for you?

a. Mentoring people who are newer to the profession – especially in isolated professional positions – be more proactive

i.  Discussing approaches to collections and/or a hospital-specific group

ii.  Solo librarians are in favor of this – making connections with faculty and physicians has been difficult

iii.  Liz Weinfurter will send out an email in the next few weeks to gauge interest and solicit areas of expertise

b.  We used to have a “Library Profile” on the blog – maybe we could bring that back

c.  Set up a year’s worth of open houses at our libraries

i. Space or technology … anything fun to share with all

d.  Krista welcomes anyone who wants to help with programming

i.  Sarah Brown volunteered to help Krista

e.  Another event each year would be a good way to help us connect/network

i.  Host at regional sites

10.  Other Business?

a.  None

Meeting adjourned.