HSLM Board Meeting Minutes, June 15, 2018

Present:  Susan Schleper, Liz Weinfurter, Jim Bulger, Andrew Crow, Connie Bongiorno, Krista Jacobson, Janet Crow

  • Old business.
    Andrew will be taking notes
    Minutes from September 28th 2017 approved.
  • Welcome newly elected board members.
    Susan Schleper (Treasurer).  Jim Bulger (GMR Rep). Liz Weinfurter (Chair-elect). Pam Barnard (Secretary).
  • Annual meeting planning
    Connie discussed future meeting initiatives and planning. Mayo representation was higher during the annual meeting than any time in recent memory.  Connie proposed potential travel plans in late summer or fall to meet with librarians from Mayo, St. Luke’s, and St Kate’s MLIS students to recruit and engage membership.  A short list of recommendations was suggested.
  1. Monitor and report programming timely opportunities of interest e.g. webinar or speaker opportunities.
  2. Jim suggested we need electronic outreach to other librarians who are not on the listserv and blogs e.g. HCMC, St. Luke’s, Fairview, the VA center.
  3. The options for webinars it might be useful to survey our members for webinar they would like e.g. systematic reviews.
  • Next steps. Connie will draft a plan for recruitment and topics for programming.   The HSLM board will review and brainstorm ideas for the next annual meeting later on this summer.
    Andrew will forward the webinar link to the rest of the membership and see if anyone else is interested in CEs (send to Krista).


Respectfully submitted by Andrew Crow (on behalf of Pam Barnard)