HSLM Board Meeting Minutes, September 28, 2017

  1. Andrew volunteered to take notes
  2. The June 28, 2017 board minutes were approved by email.
  3. Updates
  4. Treasure report – Nicole sent the treasury report before the meeting. Current HSLM enrollment numbers are down, but the trend is not unprecedented. The board is exploring more programing opportunities to bring in new members.

    b. Program coordinator – Krista shared more programming opportunities available this October and November.  The board will explore if there is interest in with other HSLM members.
    The unanimous preference by fellow board is host another future meeting at Northwest Health Science University.  The lunch options and registration were discussed.

    c.  GMR rep – Connie reported GMR funding opportunities are available.  HSLM could host a workshop that might bring in additional librarians.
    Action item:  The board will explore GMR programming choices and compare them with the ideas generated in the annual HSLM meeting.

    d.   MMLA update – Andrew updated the board on MMLA annual meeting.  Midwest Chapter MLA is implementing cost-cutting measures and fundraising activities to restore its financial health

  5. Annual Meeting planning – While HSLM typically hosts two meetings a year plus one annual meeting, the board is certainly open to additional programing.

Action item:  HSLM membership archives and leadership logs need to be updated.