HSLM Board Meeting Minutes June 2, 2017

Present: Janet Crow, Andrew Crow, Dawn Krist, Connie Bongiorno, Shanda Hunt (notetaker), Krista Jacobson, Janice Jaguszewski, Nicole Theis-Mahon

  1. Old Business
    1. Approve meeting minutes from last board meeting (March 27, 2017)
      1. Approved
    2. St. Kate’s professional association fair report (Connie)
      1. Successful booth – made good connections
      2. One member signed up as a result
      3. Is there opportunity to get more involved with St Kate’s?
        1. Bring brochures to classes in the future for additional outreach?
        2. SLA outreach and partnership – Krista
        3. Andrew has a faculty contact
      4. For drawing, we collected names/emails – can use this to engage – “Thanks for stopping by our booth; consider coming to our annual meeting and program…”
      5. Start a good-practices-document to track the table process – process / successes / challenges / follow-up
        1. Connie & Dawn to draft
        2. Store on Google Drive folder
    3. Annual Meeting Programming
      1. Make PPTs available on listserv for members
  2. New Business
    1. Program Chair position
      1. Krista volunteering to take over this role
      2. Susan can be part of the Program Chair committee (allowed in bylaws) for additional help
    2. Next steps for programming for this upcoming year
      1. Great ideas generated at annual meeting – enjoyed structured conversation
      2. Board interest shown in precision medicine, public health panel (could bring in public librarians), GMOs, vaccinations, healthcare disparities (presenter at NHSU – possibly from Children’s – Krista can reach out if needed)
      3. Connie to send Liz Kiscaden our ideas-list to see if there is any current GMR programming on these topics
    3. Next steps for HSLM
      1. Ask membership to vote/prioritize the topics on the ideas-list
        1. Krista to create a Google Form – pick top 3 – add “other” line
      2. Two webinars – Liz K. to keep us updated about options