HSLM Annual Meeting Minutes, June 2, 2017

  1. Introductions (see sign-in sheet in Google folder for attendee names)
    1. Notetaker: Shanda Hunt
  2. Approve Annual Meeting Minutes from 2016 (6/3/2016)
    1. Approved
  3. Board Reports
    1. Treasurer & Membership Report (Nicole Theis-Mahon)
      1. CD recently cashed in, resulting in high balance currently
      2. Does not include today’s costs ($800)
      3. Decrease in membership (10 losses since 2015)
      4. Encourage membership among friends/colleagues!
    2. Program Committee Report (Krista Jacobson / Susan Vossberg)
      1. Difficult to recruit program chair when Frank stepped down so Krista and Susan filling this seat together
      2. Statistics webinar held last year
      3. Annual meeting
      4. Looking forward to new programming in the next year
    3. GMR Update (Liz Kiscaden)
      1. Embedded in morning programming (see programming notes)
    4. Midwest Chapter Update (Andrew Crow)
      1. MLA Midwest Chapter meeting in Ypsilanti, MI
        1. October 13-16th
        2. Curt Guyette, an investigative reporter for the ACLU Michigan, speaking on Flint water crisis
      2. New project – students and graduates partner to prepare students for job placements
      3. Memberships dropping
      4. Struggling financially
  4. Library and Member Updates and Announcements
    1. Janice Jaguszewski – University of Minnesota
      1. MN legislature funded new Health Science Education Building
        1. Hopefully up by January 2020
        2. New technology and collaboration spaces
        3. Wangensteen services and exhibits will be located in the new building; collections will be housed nearby
        4. Plan to make 20% of Bio-Med collections accessible to user; will store the remaining 80%
        5. MeHL (Minnesota Electronic Health Library) has been put on indefinite hold
  • We’re still collecting data to support a future proposal via a statewide physician survey
    1. Susan Schleper – CentraCare (formerly St. Cloud Hospital)
      1. New Health and Institutional Repository
        1. Physician and nursing research
        2. Archival information
      2. Hospital merger with Rice Memorial in Wilmer may affect collections
    2. Kolleen Olsen – Fairview
      1. Multi-hospital merger Fairview and HealthEast
      2. If you’ve experienced a large-scale merger before, please reach out to share your thoughts, experiences, recommendations
    3. Mary Wittenbreer – Regions Hospital in St Paul
      1. Collecting statistics in a more robust manner than previously, enabling better data collection
        1. This system was presented at MLA via poster by Jennifer Feeken
      2. Book club – reading increases empathy! – 80 people signed up on Good Reads, but not many participated in the discussion
        1. Served as an outreach initiative
    4. Matt Hoy – Associate Director, Mayo Clinic
      1. Matt is new to Mayo this year
      2. Another branch of the Med School opening in AZ
        1. Instruction still based in Rochester
      3. New management team, including Anna Beth Morgan, the new Mayo Library Executive Director
        1. There have been a number of retirements
  1. Feedback – What are the types of trainings you would like in the future?
    1. Data-driven health care
    2. Data curation
    3. Public health – possibly a panel – nice to hear on topics from outside librarianship – e.g., vaccine education
    4. Population health, as a closely related, but separate topic to public health
    5. Precision medicine – “All of Us” project by NLM – ethics related to DNA collection companies – Andrew Crow saw webinar on this
    6. Use of Evidence Based Medicine in Practice by physicians – would like to hear directly from them
    7. Graphic medicine – use of comics to convey health information

More info from Katherine Chew:



and an interesting side-bar:  https://nnlm.gov/ner/guides/graphic-medicine-book-club-kits.


And a home page for an graphic medicine organization:  http://www.graphicmedicine.org/


    1. Roles of chiropractors in hospitals – 2 years ago there was some programming on comprehensive therapies (not specifically chiropractic care)
    2. Predatory publishing – SciHub – change in publishing practices
    3. Please contact any board member with other ideas in the future
  1. Election Results
    1. New Chair Elect is Connie Bongiorno
    2. New Chair is Janet Crow
    3. Congratulations!