HSLM Board Meeting Minutes, March 27, 2017

Present: Nicole Theis-Mahon, Connie Bongiorno, Janice Jaguszewski, Krista Jacobson, Dawn Krist, Shanda Hunt, Janet Crow

Old Business

  1. Meeting minutes approved
    • Moved: Nicole
    • Seconded: Janice
  1. IRS Audit
    • Thanks to Nicole for her hard work on this
    • We must submit 1099 form for honorariums $600 or more
    • Stay below $600 in the future
  1. CD came to maturity in November
    • Moved to Business Market Rate savings account
    • Now tied to our tax ID number (vs someone’s SSN)
    • Interest rates are so low that it’s not even worth reinvestigating the CD
  1. 10 members who have not renewed since 2015
    • Draft a script to email those members – Connie and Nicole
    • In the email
      • Promote upcoming program
      • Remind them they can pay at any event – cash or check

New Business

  1. Email from Elizabeth Kiscaden (GMR) seeking state rep
    • New charter from 2016-2021
    • State rep is now called focus group – there was a one year lapse in duties
    • Connie was appointed, but hasn’t really gotten a chance to fulfill this appointment
    • Propose that Connie keep this role for the coming year
    • Connie will notify Elizabeth and cc Dawn
  1. St. Kate’s professional association fair
    • Connie volunteered to coordinate HSLM table
    • Krista has already sent Connie the recruitment materials
    • Remind students HSLM is free for them
    • Connie has some new marketing ideas (giveaways, prize drawing, etc.) to get more people to interact
    • April 24th, 5-6pm
    • Two people should staff the table: Connie + possibly Dawn (Janet as back up)
  1. Elections & Candidates
    • Krista in charge
    • Send something out to listserv regarding need for new chair elect
    • Let Krista know if you have recommendations
    • Treasurer and secretary stay the same
    • Program director has been Susan – appointed rather than elected position
    • Notice of election must go out at least 30 days prior to annual meeting
  1. Annual Meeting
    • First Friday in June (2nd)
    • Location
      • Krista will talk to Sue Gray about holding it at St. Kate’s – good for parking
      • Northwestern – Krista can look into room
      • Northwestern University – Great Room – food must be Bon Appetit
      • UMN as back up – 120 Andersen Library
    • Program
      • Frank may have passed onto Susan some survey info from past meetings
      • There is a list of trainings on the GMR site
      • Change up the format? Pick a theme and have a variety of speakers
        • Connie has been talking to Elizabeth K. about someone (Linda?) from GMR coming here to do CE at annual meeting – coming to do GMR update anyway – they have a training on Native American Health
        • Miguel Figerola, Kirk Allison – Connie went to presentation by them locally
        • Mary Owen from Duluth (Mary Owen has done health disparity work)
        • Omar Puller from UW – presentation Tribal Colleges – Jenny McBurney (UMN) knows him
        • Relevant: Native voices exhibit coming to MN
        • Native American health theme might span more libraries
          1. SLA members have a harder time getting to our meeting
        • Dawn Littleton – U then Mayo then U – cancer testing videos in Native American communities
        • Will Susan be okay with this since she is the program coordinator?
      • Registration for event happens before – base food order on this and add a few lunches to the order for those who didn’t register
    •  Schedule
      • Registration 8:30
      • 9-12 presentation
      • 12-1 lunch
      • Business meeting – 1 hour
      • Board meeting with new chair elect – 1 hour
    •  Budget
      • Nicole wants itemized cost estimate
      • Nicole needs to work with programming coordinator – Nicole will be returning from Seattle and will not have time to prep immediately before meeting
      • $250 honorarium for speakers (each for 2 speakers)
      • $500-600 total budget for catering
    • Dawn to create board meeting agenda to pass on to Janet and an agenda for the annual business meeting – pass on last year’s notes to Dawn so she has a good idea of what to put on agenda
  1. HSLM has shared Google doc
    • We should organize that, make sure everyone has access, and get older documents into it
    • Nicole can look into how to access this, and will let us know
    • hslminnesota@gmail.com PW: healthlibrarians
  1. Webinars
    • Want list of upcoming GMR webinars
    • Shanda gets notices via MLA
    • Connie will check with Elizabeth K.