Call to Support the Minnesota electronic Health Library (MeHL)

The legislative session is fast approaching. This means that we need everybody’s involvement to support the Minnesota electronic Health Library (MeHL) initiative that is part of the University of Minnesota’s 2015 biennial budget request.
MeHL will provide 24/7 online access to a core set of evidence-based, clinical (professional-level) health information resources to ALL Minnesotans. This includes 220,000 licensed health professionals, 35+ health professions schools, 600,000 family caregivers, 5 million citizens, and the librarians who support these groups.

We need your support to make MeHL a reality!

Phone calls, emails, or written letters to your legislators are all great ways to show your support. Every mention of MeHL will help increase awareness illustrate the important role quality health information can play in supporting a healthy Minnesota.

  1. Contact your legislators by January 15, 2015 for greatest impact. We have provided letter templates that can be customized for your use.
  2. Tell us your health information story. Let us know how increased access to evidence-based clinical health information would play an important role in your life. Personal stories will help us convey the need for MeHL to the Legislature.
  3. Share this information with others, and ask them to contact their legislators as well.

For More Information
Visit the following resources to learn how MeHL can support a healthy Minnesota.

Thank you for your support of this important issue.
MeHL Project Team:
Erinn Aspinall
Jim Beattie
Katherine Chew
Janice Jaguszewski
Lisa McGuire
Nicole Theis-Mahon


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