Webinar: Supporting a Healthy Minnesota: Introducing the Minnesota Electronic Health Library (MeHL)

Reliable, high-quality health information is costly, resulting in uneven access across our state. This system of unequal access contributes to significant health and health care disparities. To address this problem, the Health Sciences Libraries at the University of Minnesota have developed an initiative called the Minnesota Electronic Health Library, or MeHL for short.
Our vision for MeHL is to support a healthier Minnesota by providing 24/7, online access to evidence-based, clinical care information to people throughout the state: health care providers, particularly in rural areas; students in health-related programs; and citizens who need to make informed decisions about their own care. Join us to learn more:
Supporting a Healthy Minnesota: Introducing the Minnesota Electronic Health Library (MeHL)
Monday, December 15, 2014
2:00 PM-2:45 PM (Central Time)
This presentation will:

  • explore the need for MeHL and the types of resources that it could include;
  • discuss the critical role that public and academic libraries play in connecting people to health information;
  • outline a current legislative request to fund MeHL; and
  • offer ways in which you can actively support it.

With broad support and participation, MeHL will strengthen and improve the overall health of individuals, families, and communities in Minnesota.
Janice Jaguszewski
Associate University Librarian and Director, Health Sciences Libraries
University of Minnesota


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