From the GMR: Ruth Holst to Retire as Associate Director of the GMR

Dear colleagues:
I am writing to announce that Ruth Holst will retire as Associate Director
of the Greater Midwest Region of the National Network of Libraries of
Medicine on April 30, 2014, and to invite you to join me in congratulating
her on 12 years of distinguished service to the membership of the National
Network and the GMR. As the associate director, she effectively
administered the GMR office, budget, programs, awards, and communications.
She also leaves a legacy of innovation, strategic thinking, and
collaboration as a leader in her field.
Ruth joined the GMR in July 2002 during the second year of the 2001-2006
contract and was instrumental in writing and shepherding the GMR and the
Library of the Health Sciences through the process of submitting the next
two contract proposals (2006-2011 and 2011-2016).
Under Ruth’s leadership, the GMR enhanced network and outreach services to
librarians, health care professionals, and health consumers through
educational programming, project funding, and collaboration with other
professional organizations. In particular, Ruth planned and implemented
several forward-looking GMR symposia, including EHRs and Librarians (Dec
2010), Using Mobile Technologies at the Bedside (Dec 2011), and Research
for Better Patient Outcomes: what Librarians Should Know (Nov 2012). She
expanded programming directed to hospital librarians through letters to
hospital administrators and workshops on knowledge management in clinical
settings. Ruth advocated for additional funding for the GMR’s designated
outreach libraries during 2006-2011, which resulted in significant growth
in the number of outreach activities conducted across the region.
Ruth promoted GMR and NN/LM partnerships with MLA by co-sponsoring the MLA
Institute on Web-based Instruction held in 2006 and repeated in 2008 and
facilitating the MLA-NLM joint effort to create the Disaster Information
Specialization program. She served on the NLM Long Range Planning Panel
2: NLM Health Information for the Underserved and Diverse Populations in
the 21st Century (2005-2006). She chaired the NN/LM Hospital Internet
Access Task Force (2003-2005) and co-chaired the NN/LM Community College
Task Force (2012-2014), which expanded the impact of the National Network.
During the time that she was associate director, Ruth continued to
influence the progress of health sciences librarianship by chairing the
MLA Expert Search Task Force 2001-2004 and editing the JMLA Symposium on
Expert Searching for the January 2005 issue. She was also the primary
author of “Vital Pathways for hospital librarians: present and future
roles” (JMLA Oct 2009). She became an MLA Fellow in 2002 and MLA President
in 2010-2011.
This brief account of Ruth’s accomplishments during the past decade not
only confirms that she is a remarkable woman, it documents that she will
leave behind big shoes to fill when she retires next year. You will be
hearing from me again after we post the position of associate director of
the Greater Midwest Region, National Network of Libraries of Medicine.
Happy Holidays to all!
Kathryn H. Carpenter
Professor and Associate University Librarian for the Health Sciences and
Associate Dean
Director, Greater Midwest Region, National Network of Libraries of Medicine
Library of the Health Sciences
University of Illinois at Chicago
1750 West Polk Street (MC 763)
Chicago, Illinois 60612
Tel.: (312) 996-8974
Fax: (312) 996-9584


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