Feedback requested from hospital libraries on e-books

The librarians at Allina Health are trying to figure out the optimal mix and management of our e-books, downloading policies, checkout periods, and single vs multiple copies (or licenses) of certain titles. I am sure we are not alone! If you are a hospital library and have decided to jump into the e-book world (and who hasn’t), and are willing to share … please read on … we would be initially most interested in two questions:
1) checkout periods for e-books and
2) whether you start with one title and then add additional copies (or licenses) based on usage, or purchase multiple copies based on print usage of similar titles
Any other information would be really useful. If you prefer to reply to me directly instead of commenting on this post, please feel free! Thank you.
Pamela Barnard
Allina Health • Library Services
Phone: 612-863-3289 •
Mail Route 14001 • 800 E. 28th Street • Mpls, MN 55407


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