From the GMR: Invitation to new courses on Disaster Information

Network Members,
Here is an opportunity to attend 2 MLA CE courses for free and begin to accumulate contact hours that can be applied to the new Disaster Information Specialization program being launched by MLA.
I received the following invitation from Kathleen Combs at MLA. They are
inviting each RML to send two Network members to each of the two new
courses being developed under a contract with NLM. The course titles are
listed below but the exact content outline is not yet available. These
classes are free and you would be helping the instructors by giving them
feedback on the content and instructional methods.
If you are interested in taking these two classes which will be held in
Seattle on May 24th, the Thursday after the last day of the MLA meeting,
please let me know soon. You may need to adjust your travel dates for
MLA to do this, but I think these will be worthwhile courses.
Please let me know if you have questions about this opportunity.
Dear RML Directors:
As many of you know, MLA is working with NLM to create the Disaster
Information Specialization.
We currently have a contract with NLM to develop 5 new CE courses on the
topic of disaster information. Two of these courses are being hosted
after the MLA 2012 in Seattle.And we want to work with the RMLs to fill
these two classes.Here are the details:
1. Each RML is able to send two attendees.The attendees can be members
from your region or staff members.However, we ask that only one of
the two be a staff member.
2. The courses are free for attendees.Attendees will be asked to cover
their own transportation, hotel and food costs.
3. The courses will be held at the RML at the University of
Washington.MLA will provide buses to and from the University and the
Seattle Convention Center.
4. Attendees will take both classes.However, we are not splitting up
attendance so that two attendees can take the first class and a new
set of attendees can take the second.
5. Attendees will receive MLA CE contact hours for attending the
classes. They can use these hours toward apply to the specialization.
We are currently working with the developers on the final title, content
and logistics of the courses.Below is preliminary information that you
can use to publicize the availability of the two course seats for each RML:
May 24, 2012
8:00am – 11:30am
/U.S. Response to Disasters and Public Health Emergencies/(or similar
Instructors: Mary Moore, Chair, Department of Health Informatics, and
Executive Director, Medical Libraries and Biomedical Communications,
Louis Calder Memorial Library; and Kimberly A. Loper, Vice Chair –
Administration, Department of Health Informatics and Special Projects&
Digital Initiative Librarian, University of Miami Miller School of
Medicine, Miami, FL
1:00pm – 4:30pm
/Information Roles in Disaster Preparedness, Response, Recovery/(or
similar title)
Instructor: Robin Featherstone, Liaison Librarians, Life Sciences
Library, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

Ruth Holst, MSLS, AHIP, FMLA
Associate Director
NN/LM, Greater Midwest Region
University of Illinois at Chicago
Library of the Health Sciences
1750 W. Polk Street, MC763
Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: 312-996-6872
Fax: 312-996-2226


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