From the GMR: Become a GMR Sponsored Site for the MLA Webcast Apr 18th

FYI: The Health Sciences Libraries at the U of M is planning to apply to be a host site. There is another sponsorship available, so sites outside the Twin Cities metro (St. Cloud, Duluth, Rochester?) should apply!
The GMR is offering to sponsor a number of webcast sites for the upcoming MLA Webcast:
Leveraging Mobile Technologies for Health Sciences Libraries
Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 1:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m., CT
For more information on the webcast, visit:
For detailed information on how to become a sponsored site, visit:
(Steps are also listed below. Feel free to forward this email.)
The GMR will sponsor the registration costs for up to two (2) sites per state in the region for each MLA Webinar. As only a limited number of sites can be sponsored; please work with your state and local health science librarian groups to identify centralized locations. Sites will be selected based on geographical location, accessibility, and potential number of attendees. Please note that the GMR will be covering the costs for Site Participation only, not Individual Participation.
The deadline to submit your registration and supplemental information to the GMR is NOON, Friday, March 23, 2012. Announcements will be made to all applicants by Wednesday, March 28th.
Site coordinators will receive one (1) activity point applicable to their Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP) membership. An additional point is available for leading a wrap-around session.
Application steps to become a sponsored site:
1. Access the MLA Webcast registration form:
2. Complete and sign the form without payment information (do not check any boxes)
3. Send the form to the GMR either via fax (312-996-2226) or email (
4. Include information on expected attendees and promotion of the event
5. Email Holly Burt (may be done in conjunction with 3 and/or 4) with your contact email address, LIBID, additional contacts/coordinator and if there are extenuating circumstances and you will be unable to broadcast on March 18th
6. Again, the deadline to submit registration and supporting information to the GMR is NOON, Friday, March 23, 2012
Please contact me if you have any questions about becoming an MLA webcast site or being sponsored by the GMR.
Thank you for participating in this MLA educational program.


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