From the GMR: Enhanced Access to Herb and Supplement Information on MedlinePlus

Very cool update!
The National Library of Medicine enhanced access to herb and supplement information on MedlinePlus. On the English and Spanish supplements index pages, links to external sources of herb and supplement information now appear along with the information that we license from National Medicines Comprehensive Database. These links also appear on MedlinePlus search results pages in the Drugs & Supplements collection.
The screen capture below shows the top of the index page. The producing organization (Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, National Toxicology Program, etc.) appears next to each link to distinguish different pages on the same herb. For example, MedlinePlus provides links to Acai information from both the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database.
Natural Medicines Medline Plus screenshot
If you have any questions, contact the MedlinePlus team by clicking the “Contact Us” link that appears at the top of every MedlinePlus page.
Thank you!


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