From the GMR: NLM resources related to earthquakes, tsunamis, radiation emergencies

The National Library of Medicine has resources that may help with understanding the health issues related to the devastating Japan earthquake, tsunami and possible nuclear power plant disruptions. Resources from NLM, US federal agencies, and other key resources are listed on the new topic page “Disasters in Japan 2011” at
For earthquake information for responders and health professionals, see the “Earthquakes-Resources for Response and Recovery” page at
MedlinePlus has topic pages on earthquakes and tsunamis in English and Spanish. Although not intended to be specific to the current events in Japan, these pages give background information for a general audience:

Clinicians who need to learn more about assessing and managing radiation emergencies can turn to the Radiation Emergency Medical Management (REMM) web site. Selected, key files from REMM are also available for downloading on mobile devices from
For a general audience, see the MedlinePlus pages on:
Radiation Emergencies
Radiation Exposure


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