MLA Webcast Nov 10th – Become a GMR Sponsored Site

HSLM Members – The GMR is again sponsoring MLA Webcast sites for the fall webcast on E-Books ( more info below), and will sponsor up to 2 sites in Minnesota. We usually try to host one in the metro and one outside. If you’re interested in hosting at your institution, send a note to the HSLM list ( to let others know so that we can try to coordinate and make the most of this opportunity!

The GMR is offering to sponsor a number of webcast sites for the upcoming MLA Webcast:
ABCs of E-books: Strategies for the Medical Library
November 10, 2010
1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m., central time
Visit for detailed information on how to become a sponsored site.
The GMR will cover the registration costs for up to two (2) sites per state in the region for this webcast. Because of the limited number of sites we can sponsor, we encourage you to work with your state and local librarian groups to identify centralized locations. Sites will be selected based on geographical location, accessibility, and potential number of
The deadline to email/fax your registration and email additional information to the GMR is noon on Friday, October 22, 2010.
Site coordinators will receive one (1) activity point applicable to their Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP) membership.
Contact Holly Burt, Outreach and Exhibits Coordinator, if you have any questions, and for more information on this important webcast visit:
Holly Ann Burt, MLIS
Outreach and Exhibits Coordinator
NN/LM-Greater Midwest Region
1750 W. Polk St. M/C 763
Chicago, IL 60612-4330
phone: 800-338-7657 (in the Region) or 312-996-2464
fax: 312-996-2226


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