From the GMR: New AIDSinfo mobile site

Attention mobile users – you definitely want to visit this new site!
The AIDSinfo mobile site is available at
AIDSinfo Launches Mobile Site!
AIDSinfo is a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services project, managed by the National Library of Medicine, that offers the latest federally approved HIV/AIDS medical practice guidelines, HIV treatment and prevention clinical trials, and other research information for health care providers, researchers, people affected by HIV/AIDS, and the general public. Along with housing the latest HIV medical practice guidelines, the Web site provides access to many other resources related to HIV treatment and research. Health information specialists are also available by phone, e-mail, and an online chat to assist the public with accessing this information.
AIDSinfo now offers a mobile site that allows users to access its resources and information on-the-go. The new site optimizes many of the main site’s features for phones and other mobile devices. When viewing AIDSinfo on your mobile device, you will be automatically redirected to the mobile site. JavaScript must be enabled on your device for the mobile site to function properly. The AIDSinfo mobile site is available at
The following AIDSinfo features are available on the mobile site:

  • Guidelines: Federally approved medical practice guidelines related to HIV/AIDS, available in PDF format.
  • Clinical Trials: Clinical trials database to help patients and health care providers locate trials studying HIV/AIDS, searchable by topic or keyword.
  • Drugs: Database of fact sheets on HIV/AIDS-related drugs, searchable by drug name, drug class, or via an A-Z index.
  • Glossary: Database of medical and scientific terms related to HIV/AIDS treatment and research, searchable by keyword or via an A-Z index.
  • e-newsletter: AIDSinfo weekly newsletter showcasing the latest on HIV/AIDS treatment and research.
  • Twitter: Tweets about HIV/AIDS research and treatment from AIDSinfo, available from the Twitter mobile site.
  • HIV Awareness Days: AIDSinfo specialty pages marking annual HIV/AIDS awareness days.
  • Questions?: Contact information for the AIDSinfo call center, where information specialists are available to answers questions via online chat, phone, and e-mail.

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