From the GMR: Enhancement to the MedlinePlus scrolling feature

The MedlinePlus team recently enhanced the scrolling features on the MedlinePlus English and Spanish homepages.
First, an alternating pause/play button, added to the left-hand controls, allows users to override the automated scrolling of the features as desired.
Second, the scrolling feature no longer rotates through four features continually. Instead, features rotate once through (1-2-3-4) and then the rotation stops after the feature returns to the first item.
During the automatic rotation of features, users may click the pause button to stop the rotation. Once the automatic rotation is stopped, the pause button becomes a play button, which users can use to restart the rotation.
These changes give users greater control over the scrolling feature on the MedlinePlus homepage. Please contact the MedlinePlus team via the Contact Us link on every page of MedlinePlus if you have any comments or questions.


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