From the GMR: Updates to the NLM SIS “Promotional Materials” page

If you’re planning an exhibit or just want to make information available to your community on NLM web pages and databases related to environmental health, toxicology, HIV/AIDS, special populations, REMM, etc., SIS (Specialized Information Services) has added several new links to their promotional materials page:

Some of the old flyers have been removed and replaced with new ones.
Here is a list of the new items:
EnHIP flyers (new version)
Minority Health brochure (new version)
A World of Health at your Fingertips flyer and poster (used at SLA 2010)
TOXMAP widget and toolbar
Environmental Health and Toxicology Information brochure, factsheet and
Resources for Science Teachers (used at NSTA 2010)
Selected NLM disaster resources flyer
WISER apps
REMM apps
AIDS community information outreach program flyer (new version)
TOXNET brochure (new version)


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