MLA 2011 Volunteer Opportunity: Co-Chair for Hospitality Information Booth

Hello All. Hope your summers are going well. You’ve seen the recent news that Wendy Larson will be leaving Minnesota in September, heading for Virginia with her family. We will miss you, Wendy!
Wendy had volunteered to be the co-chair for the Hospitality Information Booth Subcommittee for the Medical Library Association May 2011 meeting here in Minneapolis, and has asked to relinquish that responsibility. So, I’m putting out a call for someone to take on that role. The Local Assistance Committee co-chairs and subcommittee chairs will be meeting at the Convention Center on September 22nd, so it would be good to have someone in place by that time to join us in the planning, and to get familiar with the layout. I’ve included the description of duties below, but these might be altered somewhat (to be less work) since the Convention Center has a staffed information booth right there on site. These are the kinds of details to work out on September 22nd. So, any volunteers? Thanks, Linda Watson
Hospitality Information Booth Subcommittee:
(schedule ready by March 2011)
Coordinates with Volunteer Assistance Subcommittee (Katherine Chew, co-chair) to identify hospitality booth volunteers. Manages booth setup and volunteers at the booth. The booth is generally staffed the same hours as the MLA registration area. Usually there are 2-4 persons for each four-hour shift with 2-3 shifts per day. By March 1 the chair should confirm operating hours and volunteer schedule with the HQ staff liaison (Ray Naegele).
The booth serves attendees as a source of information for:
• conference program facts and changes
• available conference services, e.g., placement, member resource room
• emergency services, e.g., nearby hospital and fire department
• metropolitan transportation
• restaurant suggestions
• dine arounds
• entertainment information
• religious service information
• other information, as may be necessary in a particular city
• guide to libraries


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