From the GMR: NLM Creates “Directory of History of Medicine Collections” Database

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is pleased to announce the creation of the Directory of History of Medicine Collections database. This unique resource is available at:
The Directory of History of Medicine Collections aims to serve as a resource to provide information about history of health sciences collections worldwide. The collections described in the Directory database provide research, reference and interlibrary loan services to scholars interested in the history of the health sciences.
The database is keyword searchable, with the ability to refine your search results by categories: organization type, state/province, country, collection subject strengths and organization name.
To view the table of contents, which is arranged alphabetically by US state, and city, followed by other countries listed alphabetically, go to:
The NLM invites libraries, archives, and museums, which include in their collections holdings in the history of medicine and health sciences to become part of the Directory. For details on how to add your collection to the database, please see “About the Directory,” at:
NLM encourages collections to keep their entries up to date. New and revised data can be sent directly to the History of Medicine Division. To learn more, click on the “Edit Your Collection” link on the main page and read, “How do I update or edit my collection listed in the Directory.”


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