From the GMR: NLM Emergency Access Initiative (EAI) for Haiti – Access ending 3/19/10

Message from NLM about the Emergency Access Initiative (EAI) for Haiti. Let the GMR know if you have any feedback from individuals who used the program.
The EAI activation period for Haiti will expire on Friday, March 19, 2010.

Based upon declining usage of the site over the last 2 weeks and departure of the USNS Comfort from the area, the EAI Activation Team with representations from NLM, publisher, and NN/LM has agreed to let the period of free access for Haiti expire after 8 weeks. After the Haiti activation period expires, NLM will send out summary usage numbers of the EAI website to the RMLs.
NLM is interested in any feedback you have on EAI – on the project itself, the logistics, the communication, the web site, etc. We would really like to hear feedback from libraries that deployed staff to Haiti or otherwise supported efforts there.


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