From the GMR: MedlinePlus E-mail Updates Service

Please see the MedlinePlus update information below:
NLM Announces Changes to the MedlinePlus E-mail Updates Service:
In response to user feedback, the National Library of Medicine has released a new feature for the MedlinePlus e-mail updates service that will allow subscribers to bundle their MedlinePlus e-mails into a single daily or weekly message. For those subscribers who decide to bundle their updates, this enhancement will reduce the number of individual e-mail messages that they receive, while still allowing them to subscribe to a wide range of topics. To enable this feature, subscribers can visit their subscriber preferences page, and select the desired e-mail frequency (immediately, daily, or weekly) under the “E-mail Delivery Preference” heading. Currently, the bundling feature is only enabled for the English updates. It will be enabled for Spanish sometime next week.
New subscribers can sign up for e-mail updates by visiting MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus en español. If you have any questions or comments about our e-mail updates, please contact MedlinePlus.
Any questions may be directed to Sarena Burgess ( ).


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