From the GMR: What’s New on The Cornflower through January 2010

The GMR blog/newsletter, The Cornflower, is a way to keep up with announcements, news and reports from the Greater Midwest. The Cornflower is one of the vehicles that GMR members can use to share information about particular projects and news from their organizations. See: Writing for The Cornflower for more information.
The following items were posted in the month January, 2010.
ARRA Funding for Broadband Comes to the GMR Region
U of Michigan Health Science Librarians Get In the Spirit
Help the GMR Ring in the New Decade
Consumer Electronics Show 2010 – Gadget Envy
NLM Link to Research Reporting Guidelines and Initiatives
Out with the old-award application forms that is!
Put a Little Pop in that Proposal
Editor, The Cornflower

Jacqueline Leskovec, MLIS, MA, RN
Outreach and Evaluation Coordinator
National Network of Libraries of Medicine
Greater Midwest Region
1750 W. Polk St. M/C 763
Chicago, IL 60612-4330
312.996-2464 Phone
312.996-2226 FAX


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