From the GMR: New GMR Funding Award Application Forms Launched

Out with the old–award application forms that is!
Are you a seasoned GMR award funding recipient? Are you thinking this might be the year to try for your first GMR award? In either case, the GMR has updated its award application forms to make your funding request easier and more accurate. The GMR offers seven types of awards which are in amounts less than $5,000. Network members may apply for these awards at any time using the application form linked to the Call for application (CFA) for each of the awards. Because of reported difficulties with the online forms, the GMR has revised the way members apply.
Now GMR members applying for an award will download the application in Word format, fill it out, save it locally, and submit as an email attachment. When saved and submitted, both the applicant and the GMR will have copies of the award application.
After completing the downloaded application and saving it, award applicants should submit the completed application and supporting documents (e.g. resumes, letters of support and equipment quotes) attached to an email addressed to our email address: GMR4U at
Supporting documents may be in Word or PDF format. Each award application will have its own code to include in the subject line of the email. For example, those applying for an Outreach Express Award will indicate “OUTR”; those applying for EFTS, “EFTS”. All applicants should also include the LIBID in the subject line of the email.
Take a look at our new application forms and our Calls for Applications for the awards. This might be your year to receive a funding award from the GMR. Please contact the GMR if you need assistance anywhere in the application process.
* Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) Award
* Exhibit Award
* Outreach Express Award
* Planning and Assessment Award
* Professional Development Award
* Professional Instruction Award
* Technology Improvement Award


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