From the GMR: Online “Getting Magnetized” Course

A new session of “Getting Magnetized: Search and Service Strategies for Nursing Excellence” is starting online Oct.8- Nov. 18, 2009 and is open for enrollment here.
Joy Kennedy and Margaret (Peg) Allen are co-instructors for this web-based continuing education program. You will also have the opportunity to learn from other participants.
* Learn about the information needs of nurses in clinical and educational settings. Discuss strategies to meet these needs in relation to accreditation and certification standards, especially as they relate to the ANCC Magnet initiative. Identify collaborative education and service strategies to improve information services for nurses and nursing students in your organization. Evidence-based nursing practice and other important nursing concepts will be covered. The course is completely updated to match the requirements in the 2008 Magnet manual.
* This course is useful for librarians in Magnet aspiring or designated hospitals, as well as academic librarians working with nursing faculty and students. Anyone interested in services to nurses in hospitals will find it helpful.
* Cost of the course is $190. 8 hours MLA-approved CE contact hours will be awarded.
* Students are expected to spend 1 – 2 hours each week on the course, for a total of at least 8 hours of reading, online discussion and working on assignments during the six weeks the class is conducted. Many choose to spend additional time on supplemental readings and the assignments closely connected to work expectations. Previous students report that this work is valuable in their organization’s journey to excellence and in providing services to nurses.
* Additional information is available at Or at MLA website at
* If you have additional questions please contact Joy Kennedy or Peg Allen.
Joy Kennedy, MLS
Health Resource Library
Northwest Community Hospital
800 W. Central Rd.
Arlington Heights, IL 60005-2392
Phone: 847-618-5180; Fax 847-618-5189;
Margaret (Peg) Allen, MLS-AHIP
P.O. Box 2, Stratford, WI, 54484
715-687-4976 Mobile 715-212-3635
pegallen67 (at) gmail dot com
Health Knowledge Consultants
Health Information for the Global Village (MLA theme 1995)


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