From the GMR: What’s New on The Cornflower through June 2009

Greetings, Network Members,
The GMR’s blog, The Cornflower, is one of several communication tools of the GMR. The blog is our electronic newsletter for timely information, including news from the Network, the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health; technology tidbits; and member reports of outreach and other projects. Comments from Network members are encouraged on many posts.
To leave a reply to a particular post, you are asked to supply your name and email address; the email address will not be published but is required to limit and identify spammers. Check out the comments on the June 22nd post, Assistance in Transition.
There are a few ways of following comments. In addition to going back to the individual post, one can check the Recent Comments section on the left navigation bar. The commenter and the blog title are listed for the two most recent comments. You can also follow any responses to entries through an RSS 2.0 feed. See the link at the end of the post.
Here are the posts and their URLs for June 2009:
*PubMed Changes
*Upcoming NTCC Classes: PubMed, TOXNET, NLM Gateway, and
*How to Fund EFTS
*Wow! A Pow Wow
*Information Booth at Spring Into Health and Fitness Fair
*The Social Life of Health Information
*MLA ’09 Posters Available for Your Viewing Pleasure
*Wyoming Symposium for Health Information Professionals
*Digital Collections in the NLM History of Medicine Division
*Assistance in Transition
*MedlinePlus Enhanced RSS Feeds
To submit a post to the GMR’s blog, please contact the blog editor or click on the Contact Us link in the left navigation column.
Thanks and happy reading.
Editor, The Cornflower
The Blog of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Greater Midwest Region

Jacqueline Leskovec, MLIS, MA, RN
Outreach and Evaluation Coordinator
National Network of Libraries of Medicine
Greater Midwest Region
1750 W. Polk St. M/C 763
Chicago, IL 60612-4330
312.996-2464 Phone
312.996-2226 FAX


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