From the GMR: Reminder about EFTS Award

The purpose of the EFTS award is to promote participation in EFTS among DOCLINE participants, and to improve the ease and cost-effectiveness of resource sharing throughout the region. The EFTS Award creates opportunities for non-EFTS libraries to receive initial funding to join the program, and for current EFTS members to receive funding to continue their resource sharing efforts. Non-EFTS libraries may request up to $200 in starter funds. Current EFTS members may request up to $200 in continuing funds. All funds will be distributed directly from NN/LM GMR and deposited to EFTS in the name of the applicant.

This award is available until August 15, 2009
to fund 100 institutions for up to $200.00 each. The award is open to all DOCLINE libraries, with non-EFTS libraries being given preference. The first 25 libraries to apply will receive a Tugger (the Docline mascot dog) in appreciation.
Application and more information here:
Charniel E. McDaniels
Network Coordinator
1-800-338-7657 (in IA, IL, IN, KY, MI, MN, ND, OH, SD & WI )


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