From the GMR: Public Health Partners Funding Opportunity

The National Library of Medicine has forwarded us information about a funding opportunity being offered by the National Information Center on Health Services Research & Health Care Technology (NICHSR), which wants to identify and pursue collaborations that advance the mission of Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce. A factsheet about Partners can be found here.
Information about this opportunity is below. If you are interested, please submit a brief project proposal (approximately 2 -3 pages) to NLM by JUNE 19, 2009. Questions may be directed to Proposals are to be sent to Lisa at her email address:
Her full contact information includes the following:
Lisa A. Lang, MPP
Assistant Director for Health Services Research Information
Head, National Information Center on Health Services Research & Health Care Technology (NICHSR)
National Library of Medicine
8600 Rockville Pike
Mail Stop Code 3833
Bethesda, MD 20894
Phone: 301/435-2242
Fax: 301/402-3193
Web site:
Goal – Advance the Overall Mission of Partners (“Helping the public health workforce find and use information effectively to improve and protect the public’s health”) by identifying and pursuing collaborations that increase access to and/or use of evidence and evidence-based information needed to improve the quality and performance of public health agencies and systems.
Funding — Funding will be available in 2009 (and likely in 2010) to support development and implementation projects that collaboratively promote the mission of Partners related to quality improvement.
• Estimated range of awards for development-only projects is approximately $2000-5000, for projects that would start during summer 2009 and be completed within the calendar year.
• Estimated range of awards for support of implementation approximately $5,000- 50,000 per year, for projects that would start by fall 2009 and be completed within 12 to 24 months.
Collaboration is Key! – Priority in selections will be given to projects with participation from at least three Partners organizations, or from at least two current and one potential/new Partners organizations. Partners organizations may participate in multiple proposals and projects.
Projects can be local or national, but should tackle a significant problem, and draw on the strengths, perspectives and participation of multiple Partners organizations.
Proposals — Proposals should include a problem statement and identify how the collaborators will separately and collectively address the problem through the proposed project. Proposals should also indicate how the effectiveness of the project – its impact — would be assessed. The proposal should also identify the amount and anticipated sources of any additional funds/resources needed over the requested Partners funds.
Development-only projects are envisioned as activities that will require more planning or organization than can be accomplished by the due date of this proposal and/or projects that will likely need additional funding sources/resources beyond those of the Partners organizations involved in the proposal.
By June 19
Submit brief project proposal (approximately 2 -3 pages) to NLM.
June 24
Review and discussion of proposals by Partners (phone meeting or discussion/polling by Extranet). Selected projects will be notified by June 25.
June 25 – July 15
Selected proposals submit full project descriptions for processing by NLM.
Late summer/early fall 2009
Selected proposals receive funding.
Late September/Early October – Discussion of projects at Fall Partners meeting (date to be determined). Activities that have been funded as “development-only projects” will be presented at the Fall and Winter Partners meetings, depending on their completion dates.


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