From the GMR: What’s new on The Cornflower through April 2009

Have you checked the GMR blog lately? Recent posts include:
Midwest Chapter/MLA 2009 Coming in October
Using Social Software to Deliver Swine Flu Information
Swine Flu Updates in English and Multiple Languages
NLM Image Database Updated
Reaching Out in Michigan with MedlinePlus and Go Local
Minnesota Go Local Flood Information
A Message from the RML Director: Spring 2009 Podcast
Simply go to the GMR blog, The Cornflower, to read (and hear!) these posts in full.
Do you have something to say? Use the Comments option if enabled on a particular post or write a post of your own. Check the blog for FAQs and Policies and Procedures for posting. The easiest way to post is to send an email with either inline text or attachment to the GMR blog editor:
Take a look and a listen.
Editor, The Cornflower
Blog of the GMR


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