From the GMR: For those attending SLA in June

Attending the 2009 SLA conference in Washington, DC?
Consider attending the following CE program;
Emotional Intelligence for Business Success
Sunday June 14, 2009, 1pm-5pm.
Learn to apply the power of positive emotions to drive organizational results. Research documents that people skills are becoming increasingly more important as the world continues to advance technologically.
The program will actively:
(1) examine the concepts of emotional intelligence (EI),
(2) assess participants’ awareness and application of EI competencies, and
(3) demonstrate how EI competencies can be applied to improve group dynamics, accelerate goal achievement and stimulate communication.
This interactive program utilizes assessment tools, experiential activities and group interactions to expedite learning.
The program facilitator brings over ten years experience in leading teams and managing library projects and employs emotional intelligence to propel team mates toward success.
Facilitator: La Ventra E. Danquah, Coordinator, Education and Community Services, Wayne State University, Shiffman Medical Library.
For more information:


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