Form the GMR: What’s new on the blog, December 2008

Have you checked the GMR blog lately? The Cornflower is a quick way for network members to receive updates from GMR staff regarding programs and services as well as to see what your fellow network members are doing in terms of their programs and outreach.
Be sure to catch the December 2008 message from Kate Carpenter, Director of the GMR. The blog may be accessed at and an RSS feed is available. Comments are welcome on most posts. Your email address is requested to comment but will not be published with your comment.
Editor, The Cornflower
A Message from the RML Director: Winter 2008
Outreach Projects at the Hardin Library
Evaluation in the GMR
A Collaborative Space for Native Peoples Health Information
MLA Webcast Recording on Disaster Planning Now Available
A Brief History of Iowa Go Local
Showcasing Women’s Health in Fargo, ND
12th Annual Patty Iron Cloud National Native American Youth Initiative
Podcasting for the Health of It


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