From the GMR: Advocacy Working Group Resources

October rolls around faster every year. Let’s not let it roll past without taking time to Celebrate Our Good Works!
The Advocacy Working Group for GMR Regional Advisory Council has been working with the GMR to help you bring awareness about the worth of libraries and librarians within your organization. Several initiatives are underway and your input and participation are needed to make this a success!
Advocacy in the Elevator
Visit The Cornflower ( for a blog posting on using Elevator Speeches to quickly and concisely convey your message to busy administrators. Do you have a speech you already use? Do you have ideas for one you’d like to try? Share it will your colleagues by adding a comment to the existing post. Help us as we all learn to better advocate for our libraries. You can write-in your speech in a form online, or send your digital .mp3 recording to Jacqueline Leskovec ( at the GMR.
GMR Letters to your Administration
Back by popular demand, hospital librarians can once again request that GMR send a letter to your designated administrator(s). The intent of the letter is to inform hospital administrators the invaluable services medical librarians provide to their institutions and community. The letter will be signed by Kathryn Carpenter, Director of the NN/LM GRM office. You can see a sample of the letter by following this link: . Request a letter for your hospital administration by emailing the recipient address to Watch for more information about this letter from Ruth Holst, Associate Director at the GMR.
Promoting Your Library
The GMR has updated links and add information on the “Promoting Your Library? web page: Visit this site to order promotional materials, find links to information and resources from a variety of library sites.
Best Wishes with Your Advocacy & Celebration!
The Advocacy Working Group of the GMR Regional Advisory Council
Denise Rumschlag MLS AHIP– working group chair
St.Vincent Hospital Library
Indianapolis, IN


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