Hello HSLM Members,
It was a pleasure meeting you at last week’s meeting. Thanks to all for your insightful comments and suggestions regarding the initial planning for the My Health Minnesota –> Electronic Health Library (eHL). I will be sure to incorporate your thoughts as we move forward with the feasibility study.
I welcome additional feedback about the project. Please feel free to contact me in response to the following questions, or any other topics related to the development of the eHL.
– How can we help you communicate with your administrators about the eHL? We can distribute marketing materials, write letters, and give presentations, but would like to have your input how we can be of assistance. – How do we reach hospitals and other organizations that do not have a medical library?
– Besides hospital administrators, are there any other stakeholders you would recommend involving in the conversation?
I would also appreciate you sending me feedback as you begin sharing the concept of the eHL with others. If you have any particularly positive experiences, or meet anyone who could serve as a champion for the project, please let me know. I can be contacted via email at aspin005@umn.edu.

Thank you,

Erinn Aspinall
Project Manager, Statewide Clinical Licensing Project
Bio-Medical Library
University of Minnesota


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