Community Genomics Forum: October 12 in St. Paul

via the GMR list:
The Community Genomics Forum Project, entitled “Genomics, Community, and Equity: A Continuing Dialogue,” is being held in four states in the Greater Midwest Region on October 12, 2007. One of the sessions is being held in St. Paul!
Visit to read more and to register for the forum.

The forums will feature presentations by national genomics experts as well as an opportunity for community members to participate in dialogue sessions about related issues. The forums are intended to raise awareness about the importance of genomics and what it means to citizens of your community. Materials have been created to publicize the forums including posters, fliers, newsletter blurbs and other items. The host organization will be
able to provide you with these marketing materials.
Additionally, a tool kit of materials has been created to aid community organizations and libraries in organizing events to engage the public in this ongoing dialogue. These materials include background information on the project, materials to market a community event, educational information about genomics and related issues, and information for planning an event. All materials are featured on the project website at We encourage you to utilize the tool kit to sponsor or co-sponsor an educational event around genomics. The tool kit will provide you with the necessary resources to make such an event a success. We have sent a similar letter to the public libraries. We encourage you to partner with the public library in your region to further the activities suggested in this letter.
This project is funded by NHGRI and is a partnership between the Center for Public Health and Community Genomics (CPHCG) and the Life Sciences and Society Program at the University of Michigan and the National Community
Committee (NCC) of the CDC-funded Prevention Research Centers.


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