2005-06 Leadership

HSLM Executive Board, 2005-2006
The Executive Board shall meet at least quarterly for the purpose of assisting the Chair in policy, organization, and acting as a ruling committee. Executive Board meetings are open to all members of the Association.

Chair: Wendy Larson
The Chair shall act as official spokesperson and coordinator of the Executive Board and shall convene and preside at the meetings of the Executive Board and the general membership meetings.
Chair-Elect: Judy Heeter
The Chair-Elect shall act in the absence of the Chair and shall maintain the Policy and Procedure Manual, recommending revisions as required.
Chair Emeritus: Doreen Roberts
The Chair-Emeritus, the immediate past Chair, shall serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee, oversee the election process, maintain association archives, interpret/arbitrate parliamentary questions, and cast tie-breaking votes.
Secretary: Cindy Gruwell
The Secretary shall take minutes of all meetings and distribute them to the membership, distribute meeting agendas, maintain correspondence for current year, and submit records to archives following term of office
Treasurer: Doreen Roberts, Interim
The Treasurer shall act as organization fiscal agent, submit annual budget for board approval, collect dues, pay incoming bills, submit financial records for audit, monitor membership, and have the authority to appoint and chair a membership committee.
GMR Representative: Frances Cockrum (2001-2006)
The GMR representative serves a two-year term to coincide with the regional calendar and is elected by the Executive Board.
Resource Library Representative: J. Michael Homan
This position shall rotate among directors of all NLM-designated Resource Libraries in the state of Minnesota. The library director may select a representative from his/her institution to fill this position. The Resource Library Representative shall speak for all Resource Libraries during the term of office, and communicate organizational concerns to all Resource Library directors.
Consortia Representative: Connie Schulz
This position shall rotate among all health science library consortia in the state of Minnesota. Each consortia, in turn, shall designate a representative to serve. The Consortia Representative shall speak for all consortia in business relative to GMR and shall communicate all HSLM and GMR concerns to the other consortia
Program Chair: Lisa McGuire
This position is responsible for planning all programmatic aspects of HSLM’s annual meeting (usually held in late spring/early summer).


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